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Bandog’s History


CH Rowley of Oldwell


Sambo of Oldwell


CH Huck’s Last Hurrah of Bandog

CH Bandog’s Crawdaddy Gumbo

Johnny Bull

CH Bandog’s Johnny Bull

ouise Sanders began the Bandog line in the late 1960s by combining bullmastiffs from Canadian and English bloodlines; Black Knight’s Herminius and CH Rowley of Oldwell became the foundation sires of Bandog, while Sambo of Oldwell was the source of all Bandog brindles.

Bandog developed its bloodline, which quickly began to see success. In the mid 1970s, CH Huck’s Last Hurrah of Bandog (Freddy) became the first Best-in-Show bullmastiff, sired by CH Beowulf of Bandog and CH Bandog’s Hard-Hearted Hannah. Freddy’s winning record was ultimately surpassed by that of his grandson, CH Bandog’s Crawdaddy Gumbo (Waldo), who was a closely line-bred Bandog out of CH Bandog’s Triple Crown and CH Bandog’s Raven. Waldo won 37 Best in Shows and numerous Best in Specialty shows. He sired CH Bandog’s Johnny Bull, who would become a key factor in Bandog’s breeding program.

Among its other achievments, Bandog Bullmastiffs was able eventually to retire the Oldwell Challenge Trophy.